In this industry, more than most, searching for constant sources of new subscribers in crucial. There are other ways of marketing besides the traditional, online and giving Google or Facebook your money. One such way that I have built my own career on is something called Strategic Partnerships. When done well, produces tremendous results at a fraction of the price that the usual marketing team spends. I should know, I ran a consulting business specifically focused on strategic partnerships and still advise on the topic today.

Enter Tuango and the Canadian Automobile Association: Quebec chapter.

These are two of the giant services in the deals industry in Quebec. We are all familiar with Tuango and their dominance of the deals industry in Quebec. Now, many consumer are also well aware of how large CAA-Quebec is in terms of their primary car help service, but most are not aware of how popular they are with consumers pertaining to their numerous deal, discount and savings partners. A CAA: Quebec member can save a load full of money on dozens and dozens of merchants and companies across Quebec, Canada and internationally. CAA members can now save on Tuango, albeit for a limited time.

The offer provides savings of 10% off ALL Tuango purchases until July 31st, 2013. So that’s an additional 10% reduction off the already lowered 50%-60% off deals that Tuango usually provides.



Some thoughts on the partnership:

  • The relationship is a mutual one. Tuango promotes CAA to its members that want to save more, thus driving up CAA membership and CAA promotes Tuango savings to its members, thus impacting revenues for Tuango in the short term.Atleast, that’s the theory.
  • Tuango has over 1.2 million members and CAA Quebec also has over 1 million members in Quebec. these are very large membership numbers where impact can be calculated and evaluated by both CAA and Tuango
  • Other deal providers, both in the daily deals space and other sectors (coupons, savings cards, etc) should seek out partnerships. Teambuy and the SPC card comes to mind as a good fit, Wagjag and Websaver, Any credit card company and a Dailly Deal provider, etc. The point is: in my experience working with large and small companies, many executives are stand-offish concerning strategic partnerships. Many don’t seek them out proactively. Perhaps that philoosphy should change given current market dynamics.

Will CAA promote this offer enough to its member so as to impact Tuango sales over the next 3 months? Or will Tuango promoting this offer on their HOME page and to members be enough to impact more people signing up for CAA membership? It will be very interesting to find out the results of this partnership after the end of the promotional term of July 31st.

This is a strong partnership between two popular and powerful brands in Quebec. The result is that consumers win, no matter what.