The others?

Enough has been mentioned about the large daily deal services. We are all too familiar with Groupon , Living Social, Dealfind, Teambuy, Wagjag and the like. The media constantly refers to Groupon whenever they write about or discuss the Daily Deals industry. In Canada, it is no different. Unfortunately, media, journalists and other news coverage have focused on the negative side of the deals industry, usually referencing many of these larger deal providers.

Although we have made a conscious effort to not discuss Groupon all that much, we have, nevertheless, mentioned other large Canadian players often…the likes of Dealfind, Wagjag and Teambuy.

The deals industry in Canada has over 150 daily deal sites, over 50 aggregators and generates over 350 million in revenues. Sure, the top sites across the country are Groupon, Wagjag, Dealfind, Teambuy, Living Social and DealoftheDay, but the daily deal/group buying industry has far more to offer than simply these sites. There are positive aspects to this industry or it would not continue to thrive. What follows is a list of sites that we call “the others”. These are deal sites that are executing well, are well liked, have shown growth and promise in this industry and deliver certain features that make them stand out. Unfortunately, they do not get the recognition that they deserve.  Over the course of the year, we will be discussing these sites far more often.

Pay attention to them, they deserve it.



One of our favourites; Great branding and style, but more importantly Toronto based Fabfind focuses on quality deals. It’s management team is ultra focused on providing value for merchants and an experience for consumers that will ensure good service from said merchants. You will not see cheap products promoted on Fabfind.



Who? Most consumers and the industry, quite frankly, have not heard of Twongo. Well, they should. It is a BC based deals service that is one of the more impressive I have come across. They produce an impressive amount of sales from a small but very loyal database of consumers and their well rounded team focuses on providing ultra value for their merchants and the community they’re in. Their management team is a more experienced group and it shows in terms of the decisions they have made.



We have written about Tuango before. Most across the country are not familiar with this Montreal based deal juggernaut. They essentially dominate the province of Quebec, no one even comes close to the revenues and sales they produce. Why? Because those operating the business have email marketing and ecommerce experience and they understand the Quebec customer. Most of their competitors do not. Given their size, look for Tuango to continue their dominance and expand into other online commerce areas.



Toronto based Buytopia is operated by a management team that understands online advertising, customer acquisition and working with national merchants. They have promoted quite a few offers from top brands such as Staples, Sears and La Vie en Rose. They are aggressive, they maximize advertising reach for themselves and the retail partners they promote.



What started as a Restaurant only deals site has successfully matured to a deals service offering an array of deals across the country. Nevertheless, given their roots from, Dealicious has produced much value for Restaurants looking to promote themselves. Besides, they have a great name.


Le Renard

No one knows of this site outside of Quebec. Mostly because it is in French only and focused on the French and bilingual market.  Over the past year, Le Renard has produced a very strong following and is operated by an experienced and knowledgeable executive. They are owned by La Presse, Montreal’s premier French newspaper and given their successes will most certainly expand beyond Montreal and Quebec.



Trendy, stylish, a way of life. These are words that are used to describe the vibe around Social Shopper. They are not just a deals site, they are a lifestyle. Although they have very strong successes in Vancouver and have recently expanded in Alberta, most across the country are still not familiar with them. For an independent deals business, they sell quite an impressive quantity. Look for further expansion from Social Shopper.


I keep mentioning that the industry should stop focusing on Groupon. They do not represent the whole  industry much as Microsoft did not represent the entire software industry back in the day. Focus on the lesser known deal sites, their stories, the loyalty programs, the quality offers, the quality and the service that small, lesser known deal sites are providing. They are all working very hard to compete and provide real value to merchants that work with them. More attention given to them will perhaps enable a more positive view of this industry to take shape


If you are aware of other deal sites that you feel qualify to be on our list of “the others” then please include them in your comments.