We have finally launched the updated 2013/2014 Canadian Deals & Coupons Ecosystem.

**BEFORE YOU READ FURTHER. May we please ask you to share this Ecosystem with others that you feel would be interested. The industry and the providers within the Ecosystem need all the attention they can get. Thank you.


A tremendous amount of time was invested in order to deliver the industry’s main ecosystem in time for the holiday season.

This new version shows how extensive an industry this is, how many options Canadian consumers have to save, the many options that merchants and retailers have in terms of Deal & Coupon Marketing and how mush depth the overall industry has. The business opportunities and outlook for 2014 are very positive for this industry. There are a number of events and points that will continue to have a positive impact on growth in this industry over the next years.

Please review, enjoy and share your comments with us if you feel we missed something, should add something or should omit something.

We would also appreciate it if you shared this Ecosystem with your own network. The industry deserves more media coverage and given the rather impressive amount of sharing going on over our last Ecosystem (over 50,000 shares)  we are quite excited about the level of sharing that will occur for this updated version.

So here it is….