As has been mentioned many times before, Deal sites that mature their offering to include other deal types beyond simply daily deals will be able to capture more attention from consumers nowadays.

If a daily deal site is popular enough to have become a shopping destination, then adding, say, flash sales would entice consumers to keep visiting instead of logging off and going to a flash sales web site to make a purchase.

Teambuy has just launched such an initiative. Very good for them: I like what I see and the direction they have decided to go in.

They have launched what they call Teambuy SHOPS. This is their NEW Flash Sales section, offering branded items directly to the consumer at discounted prices. Will Teambuy be able to compete with the likes of BeyondTheRack and the like in Canada? I strongly believe yes. In fact, given Teambuy’s database size and their ambition, I believe they will be able to execute well and be one of the leaders in the country. Canada is in need of more Flash Sales sites; there aren’t many in this country. BeyondTheRack being the largest.

This is a positive and strategic move for TeamBuy. Certainly one with good timing given the approaching holiday season.

Two questions pop in my mind as I write this;

1. Will other Daily Deal services in Canada now launch Flash Sale services? Yes, I believe so. Some are already in the works.

2. Just wondering if TeamBuy will consider a name change in the near future seeing that the Word “Team” in their name may no longer be relevent given their evolution? What do you think?


TeamBuy is becoming more and more a destination shopping portal. Others should follow suit. This is what consumers are asking for.