This industry is still very young, yet companies like Teambuy who have pioneered the industry since the beginning feel as if they have providing Canadians with deals for a much longer period of time. Teambuy is now celebrating their 3 year anniversary and have published a video to commemorate the occasion. See video below

They have asked us and other media to share their video with the public. The video documents TeamBuy’s rise from 5 guys in an apartment to a staff of over 110, with over 1 million members connected to tens of thousands of merchants. Mostly, it tells the story of who Teeambuy is. It accomplishes this in 3 minutes, with 3 words from each employee. See video below.

From our side, we have seen Teambuy start as a daily deal company and mature into far more; where they are now a shopping destination offering local deals, travel deals, product deals, etc. Now listen, there are many daily deal companies…and that’s where the similarity stops. I do not consider Teambuy simply as a daily deal company. If that is all they were, if that is all they focused on then they probably would not be as successful. Teambuy has aggressively and systematically focused on maturing its model. They have matured in terms of the deals they offer, they have matured in terms of the customer experience offered online and they have certainly matured in terms of their marketing. The point is they strive and continuously work at improving with the times and meeting the expectations of the market.

Will Teambuy eventually grow into a full blown ecommerce retail destination for Canadians? Meaning sell and ship products? Most likely. They already have added a shopping cart so consumers can purchase multiple deals at once. Most daily deals sites do not have this functionality. However, what I admire most about Teambuy is their dedication to local deals despite non-local deals taking up more and more of their sales volume. They care about local business, they feature local deals, they offer quality merchants, restaurants, etc. All too often, over the past year in this industry, we have seen deal sites push local deals under the rug. Stating it was too much of a hassle to work with local merchants, to source deals, to deal with customer service issue. Instead focusing on offering product inventory was much easier, quicker and products can be sold across the country. All this may be true, but the team at Teambuy nevertheless make a business decision, a right decision, to keep focusing on promoting the local merchant. Good for them, good for the merchants they promote and good for the consumers who can get great deals.

Congratulations on Teambuy’s 3rd anniversary, from our team to yours.