Tapped Mobile, Canada’s leading provider of mobile ad technology solutions, announced that it has partnered with mobile technology solution provider MobileXCo to debut a Shazamable mobile coupon. Shazam is one of the most popular apps in the world and the established leader in audio recognition, widely deployed on millions of Canadian smartphones.

Visual Shazam is extremely easy to use, building on the simplicity of Shazam with flexible and measurable engagement. By leveraging Visual Shazam, advertisers can create custom Shazam Offers to build deals for consumers, who can now access coupons on their mobile devices by opening the app, tapping the camera icon and holding their mobile devices over anything enabled with Visual Shazam (i.e., packaging, posters and print ads to experience more).

This partnership with Shazam Offers enables brands to:

1. Drive increased traffic to their retail stores
2. Generate sales through targeted offers
3. Measure the performance of various advertising media channels

What makes this Visual Shazam add-on so powerful is MobileXCo’s proprietary offer verification and redemption process. The new technology solution does away with the need for special hardware or software at the point-of-sale – something that has proven to be the greatest hurdle for mobile coupon adoption across the retail industry.

The new technology can limit coupon use to a specific mobile device and also help brands to collect valuable redemption and social sharing data. It extends Shazam’s visual recognition capabilities to create a world where everything from posters to packaged goods to print media can now be seamlessly tied to an in-store visit and transaction by way of a mobile coupon.

“This unique marketing solution is intended to help advertisers and publishers meet the needs of retail marketers and to provide an increased level of transparency and accountability,” said Peter Pinfold, Co-founder, MobileXCo. “From our perspective, this partnership is unique in that we’re providing an advertising solution designed to draw the focus away from impressions and clicks and toward metrics that really matter, like in-store traffic, and conversions/sales.”

Advertisers who use the tools for campaigns can access a live dashboard to monitor the performance of their campaigns. From first impression and click to purchase, they’ll gain an appreciation for the true impact of their Shazam Offers campaign, including data related to:

• Coupon requests and redemptions by media channel
• Retail location performance for redemption (by store)
• Amplified reach of their ad campaign and offer through the sharing actions of their customers (coupons can be shared with others for one-time use by them)

Shazam Offers is designed to be the first of many combined market-leading, multi-platform, content and technology solutions Tapped Mobile, Shazam and MobileXCo are creating.

“This partnership is making it possible for advertising that is traditionally offline to become connected, immersive, personalized, and mobile,” said Josh Partridge, Director of Sales at Shazam. “Using the Shazam platform, Tapped Mobile is able to create an advertising solution that is flexible and highly customized to their needs.

“This partnership is creating a real connection between offline and online experiences,” said Josh Partridge, Director, EMEA and Canada, Shazam. “We wanted to create a real advertising technology solution, and we have delivered a rich mobile experience.”

Brands and retailers can take advantage of Shazam Offers immediately.