RestoMontreal Launches Daily Deals for Restaurants

One way of competing in this crowded Daily Deal market is to focus on a niche industry. Deals for kids, for pets, for Spas only, Deals for travel, etc. Focusing on a niche gives you the upper hand to engage your market better, know your market better and deliver value far superior than a generic Daily Deal service.

One of the most popular categories in the Daily Deals space is Restaurants.

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Daily Deals on Restaurants in Canada…Yummy

New deal of the day websites are popping up every week. There are now well over 100 such sites in Canada and growing quickly. One of the best ways of competing in this very competitive space is by providing niche deals to consumers. Niche sites have a real chance of long term success. One niche that seems to be perfect for the daily deal space is restaurant deals.

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