WARNING: nCrowd announces Foreclosure rebrands as Boomstreet

We do not usually make public recommendations on which marketing services companies should choose (We make private recommendations) but we will go ahead and do so in this case. Our work at the Canadian Deals & Coupons Association keeps usRead more

nCrowd acquires ethicaldeal

More consolidation in Canada The Deals sector continues to consolidate in Canada. The last 12 months has seen the likes of Dealticker, LivingDeal, Dealathons and of course Teambuy sold or merged with another. We fully anticipate and expect a handful

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nCrowd acquires another Deal Provider in Canada, Dealathons

After their well publicized acquisition of Teambuy/Dealfind a couple of months back, nCrowd continues their way of growth through acquisition by having just acquired Dealathons. This was a good acquisition for nCrowd given that Dealathons had about 350,000 subscribers in

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There are better managed companies in the Deals Industry.

Over the past month the attention given to the Canadian Deals & Coupons space has primarily been about Teambuy’s bankruptcy protection and it’s acquisition by nCrowd. Over the same time period, story lines from media, bloggers, social chatter, etc haveRead more

It’s Official, nCrowd takes over Teambuy, Dealfind, Menupalace

A few weeks ago, Teambuy took the industry, merchants and consumers by surprise and filed for bankruptcy protection. Many had questions and concerns over what Teambuy shareholders and board members were to do concerning creditors, merchants owed money and consumers

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Teambuy files bankruptcy protection, set to be acquired

A couple weeks ago, Teambuy surprised (or not) many by filing what is called Bankruptcy Protection! Here are the documents Teambuy is the largest Canadian based Daily Deal promotions company. And the second largest overall behind Groupon in Canada. CarefulRead more