Torstar’s Metroland merges and Flyerland for better consumer experience.

Torstar owns the most brands in the deals space in Canada. They operate Wagjag, Jaunt, Travelalerts and own a piece of Tuango. They also operate, through Metroland, Flyerland and the popular coupon site They recently announced a merger of

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Launching the Canadian Deals Association membership

The Deals industry around the world, not just in Canada, has gone through and still going through a renaissance of sorts. “Deals, coupons or promotional offers” as a marketing tool for retailers and as a business model for deal providers

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Here come the PUBLISHER daily deals

Here come the publishers.

It is inevitable. They already have the audience, they already have relationships with merchants and with the amount of revenues being produced by certain sites, newspaper, magazine and online publishers all over the world are launching their daily deal sites. Canada is no exception. Within 1-2 years, the majority of Daily Deals in this Country and the US will be sold by Publishers. (exceptions include the really big services such as Groupon, Living Social, Google Offers, Facebook Deals, and some niche or regional players, etc)

The Canadian Daily Deal industry is about to get far more interesting, far more competitive, far more serious and far more successful given the entrance of more mature players such as these publishers.

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