Alberta Groupon Lawsuit

So we thought we’d give our 3 cents pertaining to this matter. Especially given that our offices have been contacted several times last week pertaining to this subject.

Groupon is under investigation by the Alberta government because vouchers offered by them have expiry dates on them. Government officials say that goes against provincial legislation where no expiry dates are allowed on coupons that state dollar amounts.

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“Groupon Now”, now in Toronto, Vancouver

Groupon launched its mobile service “Groupon Now” back in April. This service enables merchants to select the time and date and rebate they wish to offer consumers over the next day or two. Hungry? go to Groupon-Now on your mobile and see which restaurants in your area are offering great deals redeemable NOW. It is hoping that this service will change the way consumers buy local products and services, especially those that are impulse buys.

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Concerns over the Daily Deal (Groupon) model

Here is a great post from, the Daily Deal aggregator in the US…

They made sound points concerning the good, the bad and the ugly on all the Groupon information the industry has received and how there have been hundreds of negative articles written about Groupon since the announcement of their IPO. The Yipit post goes on to describe some legitimate concerns while detailing how others are unfounded.

We have summarized it here, the full post can be found here:

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