Groupon Buys SnapSaves in Canada…enters Grocery Cash Back market

We have gotten confirmation that Groupon has just acquired Canadian Grocery Cash Back service Snapsaves. This is an interesting, but not surprising, purchase for Groupon. We wrote about Snapsaves’ launch in Canada here. Snapsaves was of course started by the

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Deals & Coupons Month is a GO in Canada!!

In March we announced that we, along with the Affiliate Marketing and Retail industries were working on the creation of Canada’s National Deals & Coupon Month….which would be for the month of May every year. After lot’s of hard work,

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Couponing continues to enjoy growth, both in Canada and in United States. Inc., which launched in 1998, is the largest Grocery Couponing service there is. It has just filed to raise $100 million in a U.S. initial public offering.

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The new, updated Canadian Deals & Coupons Ecosystem is now published

We have finally launched the updated 2013/2014 Canadian Deals & Coupons Ecosystem. **BEFORE YOU READ FURTHER. May we please ask you to share this Ecosystem with others that you feel would be interested. The industry and the providers within the

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Finally! The Entire Deals Ecosystem in Canada mapped; larger than realized.

Until now, no one knew how large in scope the deals industry was in Canada. The industry could not easily answer how many deal categories exist, or what categories there were beyond daily deals and coupons, who the leading deal

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