Experian recently published a survey gathered insight from marketers around the world who run holiday marketing campaigns.

Respondents shared details of their campaigns, their decision making, their preferred marketing vehicles, as well as tactics they use for social, mobile and deals marketing. We have provided some of the survey’s highlights below.

Happy holiday Marketing.




North American marketers are likely to allocate a larger percentage of their budgets to holiday marketing: approximately one-third spend 10 percent or less and two-thirds spend 20 percent or less.
















Last year almost 70 percent of marketers in North America started planning their holiday campaigns by the end of August. This year that number jumped to 84 percent.














November 1–15 remains the most popular time of the year to launch holiday campaigns worldwide. Forty-Three percent of North American Marketers will begin deploying their holiday campaigns across screens of all sizes during that time period.















Email remains the hub of marketing campaigns. Ninety percent of marketers around the globe will use email in their holiday marketing campaigns. Seventy one percent of online adults say that they are influenced by promotional emails to take some sort of action. The most common action reported = 40 percent of consumer click on a website link in the email.












Social sharing: Globally, 36 percent of marketers are integrating social in their cross-channel holiday campaigns. When it comes to sharing, 30 percent of marketers in North America enable consumers to share content both directly from email and on their website. Interestingly, North American marketers use social media marketing more than global counterparts across all categories.


















Facebook,whether organic or paid, is the most popular social network for marketers this holiday season. 70% of North American marketers who run social media campaigns do so via organic Facebook posts, and 46 percent use paid ads or boosted posts. Add the popularity of Instagram at 35% and it is not surprising why Facebook dominates Social Marketing. Furthermore, there was a 39 percent increase in traffic to retail sites from Facebook during the 2013 holiday season.

















Around the globe, the most popular tactic for the 40 percent of marketers using mobile this holiday season is SMS, which is used by 29 percent of mobile marketers. North American marketers in our survey use mobile quite differently. While they are taking advantage of SMS and apps, mobile advertising is much more widely used than any other tactic, utilized by 47 percent of the North American marketers. Mobile coupons also stand-out.









The impact of offers is to large to ignore: More marketers are planning to provide consumers with offers this holiday season than they did last year. Seventy-seven percent of marketers in North America will use promotions, compared with 72 percent in 2013. The most popular types of offers were dominated by 4 categories: eCoupons, Free Shipping, Deal of tte day and Family/Friends exclusive discounts.


There are 3 take aways and recommendations from this survey:
  1. Don’t underestimate the power of targeting your best customers. Use loyalty program members as a way to drive more interest and sales.
  2. Make your messages mobile. Remember that screens come in all sizes and consumers expect the best experience regardless of device.
  3. Be smart about not over using deals and offers in your holiday campaigns

Happy Holiday Marketing Everyone.