One of the challenges of Deal or Coupon Marketing is the lack of top brands leveraging the technique; especially in Canada. However, the majority of the time that a top Canadian Brand has leveraged deal marketing, it has worked out well. The following example is another top brand in the country utilizing deals as a marketing technique and it is, indeed, going very well.

Porter Airlines is the first and only airline company in Canada to leverage daily deals marketing. They decided to work with Buytopia for this campaign. Thus far, it is going extremely well. So far, Buytopia has listed sales of over 4500 users who have booked a deal with Porter airlines. Impressive. The 50% sale ends end of day on March 11th. Congratulations to Buytopia for landing Porter as a client. It is an important milestone for Buytopia.


Now, Porter is no stranger to running deals. It seems that every month they have some kind of promotion available. They clearly understand the power of customer acquisition through deal marketing. Leveraging the audience of a deals provider like Buytopia can certainly bring in customers that may not otherwise use Porter airlines. An evaluation post promotion will tell Porter how many clients were new and how many were already in Porter’s database. Regardless, over 4500 tickets purchased and counting is a statement that other top brands will pay attention to.

Air Canada, WestJet, VIA rail, etc. They, too, should pay attention and evaluate this Porter campaign more closely.