More consolidation in Canada

The Deals sector continues to consolidate in Canada. The last 12 months has seen the likes of Dealticker, LivingDeal, Dealathons and of course Teambuy sold or merged with another. We fully anticipate and expect a handful of transactions coming up this year that will continue to focus the leading Deal providers in Canada to only about 5 or 6. In the meantime, we have another acquisition announcement to make.

nCrowd, one of the leading providers in the local deals space in North America and the company that acquired Teambuy and Dealathons last year, is continuing its acquisition strategy in Canada. They have just finalize the acquisition of ethicalDeal, the leading provider of Natural/Green/Health deals in Canada.

This acquisition is interesting and a little different from the other two nCrowd has made. With Teambuy and Dealathons, an acquisition was made because both Teambuy and Dealathons needed to be acquired or in other words, they needed to be saved. With ethicaldeal, they did not need saving. However, ethicaldeal did come to the realization that in order for them to continue growing, continue to accumulate consumers across Canada at a faster pace, they needed to partner with another business that had far more reach. nCrowd stepped up to the plate and believed in the ethicalDeal consumer. Ultimately the founder of ethicalDeal, Annalea Krebs, believed that ethicalDeal had a better chance of growing within the nCrowd family than going at it alone. The acquisition finalized at the end of April.

ethicalDeal leads to SocialNature

Annalea Krebs founded EthicalDeal in 2010. She grew the business from scratch to become a leading voice in the health marketing space in Canada. In the last 4.5 years, she grew ethicalDeal to a community of 100,000+ green consumers and promoted over 1,000+ green businesses. In full entrepreneurial mode, she also founded and launched SocialNature – a health product sampling community that helps people #trynatural.

As Annalea mentioned on her person blog:

“In any entrepreneur’s journey, opportunities, passion and ability to execute come into play as a business continues to grow. Such is the case with ethicalDeal. The success of ethicalDeal led me to the opportunity that is SocialNature. SocialNature was inspired by the ethicalDeal community’s strong desire to try more natural products and everyday green essentials like food, skincare, and cleaning products. Our goal with SocialNature is to inspire millions of people to #trynatural through the power of social media and word-of-mouth. Given the growth of SocialNature, I was soon faced with a difficult decision as I wasn’t able to give my 100% to both EthicalDeal and SocialNature ventures. So I decided to look for a new owner for ethicalDeal. We are proud to announce that ethicalDeal will be joining the nCrowd family.”

We congratulate nCrowd on the purchase of EthicalDeal and a big congrats to Annalea for launching yet another venture in the shopper marketing space in Canada.