Bing, from Microsoft, has been aggregating deals since the spring. They first launched in the US by partnering with The Deal Map. We first wrote about it here.

For a little while now, they have started, with low fan fair, to aggregate deals in Canada as well.


Here is how to see deals on Bing.

Go to,

Click the “Shopping” link on their top menu

Click the “Daily Deals” Link on the top of the page. Done.

Choose your city and you can now see Daily Deals from a number of sites.

Although Bing does not capture all deals in every city, their audience is nevertheless huge and will bring extra eyeballs to deal sites.

An added traffic bonus; Bing gets extra traffic from, where the shopping links go directly to Bing’s Shopping pages and Daily Deals.


Interesting note:

Google recently announced the purchase of the Deal Map. The main aggregator in the US that Bing uses to grab deals. Although Google will certainly maintain all relationships that The Deal Map had, it would be doubtful that Bing would stick around, producing further page views and revenue for a Google property. Potential strategies include:

-Look for Bing/Microsoft to develop their own aggregator, developing direct relationships with Daily Deal sites

-Look for Bing to buy an existing aggregator

-Look for them to partner with another larger aggregator


One of the major advantages of the Bing Aggregator for Canadians is the fact that it is available in French as well. There are only 2-3 other aggregators available in French, none of which have the audience that Bing has. So this is an advantage to Quebec consumers and French speaking consumers across the country.