Not enough is written about or even talked about in terms of strong successes within the deals sector. All too often we fall prey to following the cynicism of the media and the business community when the topic revolves around deal marketing, daily deals, coupon marketing, etc. When was the last time merchant case studies were published and promoted? Not often. Despite the thousands of merchants across the country leveraging and profiting from deal marketing. We are presently working on a promotional vehicle and campaign for merchants to know and realize how many successful case studies are out there. Until then, we’ll write about incredible successes that have caught our eye.

Here are a handful of promotions that were offered recently. In terms of marketing success, they are incredible and no other form of marketing or advertising would have garnered as much success for the merchant within a reasonable cost structure.




If you really look at these accomplishments, one realizes how powerful marketing and selling through deal providers can be. Consumers still flock to these services to get wonderful offers and more and more merchants and brands are realizing how best to leverage this distribution channel as a viable option for their marketing and sales efforts. Even manufacturers and distributors are circumventing the typical retail channel with a preference to selling through deal sites.

As a marketer myself, I appreciate how the deals distribution channel offers numerous advantages to get customers interacting and buying with your product or service in a very quick way. There are numerous advantages to this, be it testing, introducing new products, services or promos, or new client acquisition. For some, given the sales it produces, deal marketing has become a viable marketing strategy incorporated into their overall marketing mix.