So now that Groupon has finally gone IPO, I am pleading, I am begging, I am imploring all fellow bloggers, journalists, and media to please, please, please stop writing about them so much. We all have Groupon over load and quite frankly, most of us do not care.

The daily deal space is far more vibrant than to have 90% of online commentary reserved for Groupon. In Canada, Groupon is indeed the leading service (not in Quebec though), but there are far more interesting story lines, more relevant discussions that we should have pertaining to the Canadian Daily Deal Space.

-We should be discussing how merchants can truly leverage this type of promotion more than they have.

-We should be discussing how deal sites need to evolve and how they can help merchants even further

-We should be discussing the cool work that Needium is doing in the deals space along with One Big Planet

-We should be discussing how Nimble commerce is basically dominating the Canadian market with their Deals White Label Platform

-We should be discussing how damn expensive it is to acquire customers in this industry. $3-$6 per name for most campaigns, I have seen sites invest over $10 per name. No barriers to entry the industry states? Bullshit! at $3-$6 per subscriber that is one hell of a barrier for most entrepreneurs.

-We should be discussing how One Big Planet is building one hell of a Deals Aggregator White Label Platform for this industry. (so others can aggregate)

-We should be discussing how email technologies are crucial within this industry. Just a small increase in percentage in open rates can significantly improve revenue. Thus technologies from email service providers like Exact Target and email technology companies such as Return Path are crucial to the operations of a deals business.

-We should be talking about how Travel has become the dominant deals category at the present moment.

-We should be talking about how a company like Tuango is absolutely dominating the Quebec market versus the Groupon and Living Social juggernauts.

-We should be talking about how larger brands across the country are looking more seriously into daily deal promotions

-We should certainly be talking about how certain entrepreneurs are STILL making plenty of basic mistakes when it comes to launching, operating and promoting a deals site. Poor branding strategy, poor customer acquisition strategy, no merchant differentiation, etc

-We should be talking about the successes of Wagjag, of Dealfind, of Teambuy, Tuango, Buytopia, DealoftheDay, Swarmjam, Social Shopper, Living Deal and others.

-We should talk about metrics; how are merchants benefiting, are customers coming back, how many deals do merchants do in a year, etc

-And we should certainly be talking about several mergers, acquisition activities happening across the country


So yes, the Groupon IPO has been good for the industry as a whole, but the deals industry is far more complex and interesting than Groupon. That’s like talking about the software industry purely based on what Microsoft is doing. That is a disservice to the industry.

So I repeat, please, please, please STOP writing about Groupon and put far more effort into looking at other aspects of this industry. Discuss Canadian success stories such as Wagjag, Dealfind, Teambuy, Tuango, or DealoftheDay. Promote up and comers like Swarmjam, Buytopia, Social Shopper, Living Deal or others. With over 130 deal sites in Canada, there is plenty to talk about in Canada other than Groupon.