Here come the publishers.

It is inevitable. They already have the audience, they already have relationships with merchants and with the amount of revenues being produced by certain sites, newspaper, magazine and online publishers all over the world are launching their daily deal sites. Canada is no exception. Within 1-2 years, the majority of Daily Deals in this Country and the US will be sold by Publishers. (exceptions include the really big services such as Groupon, Living Social, Google Offers, Facebook Deals, and some niche or regional players, etc)

The Canadian Daily Deal industry is about to get far more interesting, far more competitive, far more serious and far more successful given the entrance of more mature players such as these publishers.

Here is the breakdown:

Torstar (Toronto Star, Metroland, Harlequin, workopolis,, parentcentral,, etc)
They own Wagjag which is doing very well. They are certainly one of the top sites in the country.  It seems they also own a part of out of Montreal. Tuango, is arguably Montreal’s top Daily Deal site….for now. Torstar has an audience of over 13 million unique visitors per month diversified between Newspapers and online properties. They will certainly be one of the leaders in this country.


Postmedia (Montreal Gazette, National Post, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Slice, Global, HGTV etc)
They own Swarmjam. Postmedia reaches over 8 million unique visitors per month and are diversified well with Newspaper, Online and TV audiences.


Yellow Pages Group (Yellow pages, canada 411, canpages, Redflagdeal, Les PAC, etc)

They own Daily Deal sites DealofTheDay and PromoDuJour and are doing incredibly well. Again, one of the leaders in the country. The Yellow pages reaches over 11 million unique visitors monthly and already has advertising relationships with over 370,000 businesses.


Transcontinental (Canadian Living,,, Elle Canada/Quebec, Decormag, etc)
They have just launched their sites:  The Mega Catch and La Mega Prise. Given the properties they own and their audience, expect them to do real well across the county.

Transcontinental is the 4th largest printer in all of North America, owns over 150 web sites, and is Canada’s largest distributor of advertising material in Canada. They deliver over three billion pieces a year, either directly through Publisac in Quebec, or through their newspapers and partners in the rest of the country. The reach over 10 million visitors per month through their web properties and 11 million readers through their magazines.

They also boast over 5.5 million Canadians and close to 1 million email addresses, making their marketing database one of the largest of any media company in Canada. In other words, they are a juggernaut and if they can organize accordingly, they can capture an enormous share of the Canadian Daily Deal attention.


Gesca (owners of La Presse,, Le Soleil, Le Droit, etc)
Their daily deal site is Le Renard. Gesca primarily reaches a Quebec based audience. They reach over 1.5 million online per month and 1.5 million per week with their newspapers. Given their exclusive partnership with, they will also do real well, but only within Quebec, and most likely only with a French audience.



Sun Media (a division of Quebecor Media, is Canada’s largest newspaper publisher)
Sun Media purchased the daily deal service Steal The Deal. With nearly 15 million newspapers published each week, 42 paid circulation and free dailies throughout Canada – each with a dedicated website – and more than 220 community newspapers, shopping guides, magazines and other specialty publications, Sun Media’s Steal The Deal, certainly has the recipe for leadership across the country.


Rogers (Rogers Wireless,the Shopping Channel, CityTV, Canadian Parents, Canadian Business, Sweetspot, etc)

It is presently unclear when Rogers will launch their service. They are still in the process of developing it. There were rumors of them buying out certain Daily Deal sites, namely, but that deal fell through. If our sources are correct, they should be launching this summer. We know they are excited to do so. The sooner the better for them.  Here is a quick break down of this juggernaut.

-Canada’s largest publishing company with 75 print brands reaching millions of readers
-Over 45 digital web properties reaching over 4 million unique visitors
-Own 55 radio properties, five OMNI Television stations, the five-city CITY-TV network, Rogers Sportsnet, The Shopping Channel, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Rogers Centre in Toronto.
-Over 7 million subscribers for Rogers Cable
-Oh, and they also own this little thing called Rogers Wireless, Canada’s largest, with 9 million subscribers

Given the audience they have and the distribution channels they own, we are officially stating that Rogers can be one of the leading Daily Deal services in all of North America. However, branding and operational effectiveness certainly are key.


Who’s next?
Astral Media,
Bell Canada?

Look out for our Report on Canadian Publisher/Media companies in the Daily Deal space. We will provide further analysis into all the above companies as well as others. For an early copy of this free report, please contact us directly and mention your interest.

A lot more to come for the Canadian Daily Deal space! Stay tuned.