We don’t usually publish much about Groupon here in Canada. However, it is difficult to ignore some of what they are doing. For those interested in their recent quarter’s results, please have a look here. This post is not really about Groupon’s most recent results though. Rather, it is about the growth in their mobile business and what others can learn from it.

Here is the impressive part of their recent announcement: “In January 2013, nearly 40% of North American transactions were completed on mobile devices, an increase of 44% compared with January 2012. This compares with about one third of transactions completed on mobile devices in October 2012.”

Again, 40% of all transactions were done on a mobile device!

This is quite impressive and translates to about $608 million in mobile commerce in fourth quarter 2012 in North America.

In Canada? Well, I would certainly like to know what percentage of sales comes from mobile from the top sites in Canada. We’ll find out and publish the results.