As we mentioned in a previous post, more and more top brands are getting into the Daily Deal space. Some are doing deals themselves (Future Shop), some are doing deals on deals sites (American Apparel with Teambuy, Staples with Buytopia) and now one major brand in Canada is joining the industry by partnering up in an interesting way with an existing daily deal site; Gaggleup.

Gaggleup, the daily deal site out of Toronto, will be offering group-buying deals in conjunction with none other than Canadian Tire!

They recently announced the launch of, its new website, which “will offer deep discounted deals from well-known national brands to Canadian shoppers, including special deals for Canadian Tire Financial Services Limited’s (CTFSL) customers.”

GaggleUp and Canadian Tire will be partnering to promote the service together. Canadian Tire /financial Services customers will get emails about offers from Gaggleup. This has significant implications to how top retailers and brands can participate in this industry. This is certainly a major accomplishment for the Gaggleup team given that Canadian Tire has access to millions of consumers and can certainly propel Gaggleup into one of the top sites in the country. Through this partnership, Gaggleup will have access and exposure to over 5 million Canadian families.

Apparently ereader company Kobo and Black’s Photo have already signed up for deals on

Congrats to Mark Skapinker, Jonathan Latsky and the Gaggleup team. This will be an interesting and exciting strategy to watch.

The full Press Release is here: