Until now, no one knew how large in scope the deals industry was in Canada. The industry could not easily answer how many deal categories exist, or what categories there were beyond daily deals and coupons, who the leading deal providers are in the country per category, or who the leading coupon providers, savings portals, savings cards programs, mobile offers, deal services and deal brokers are in Canada? Now we can.


The Canadian Deals Association is announcing the publishing of what is titled “The Entire Deals Ecosystem in Canada”. This mapping of the industry has never been done in Canada before and hopefully will provide further insight into the scope of the overall deals industry in this country.

What started decades ago with coupons, matured to savings programs and re-energized by the hyper growth in daily deals over the past years, the deals industry in Canada has far more to offer. In fact, there are over 15 deal categories promoted consistently that consumers can tap into.

A lot larger than we think

In reviewing the details of the mapping, it is evident that the overall deals sector in Canada is a heck of a lot larger than most people realize. Until now, the industry has not organized data, resources or information around the entire deals sector. The industry is not simply about daily deals and coupons. Quite frankly, many deal categories have simply been ignored. The whole sector’s growth and importance in the overall Canadian Retail Industry is undeniable and there are many exciting and promising opportunities throughout the industry.

Although representing only a sample of the total companies, the recently published “The Entire Deals Ecosystem in Canada” shows how many types of providers are within this sector. From daily deal providers to coupon distributors to flash sales to mobile deals to savings cards to offers by credit card companies; the impact on the industry is a lot more significant than once thought.

The exercise of mapping out out the entire deals industry has allowed us and executives within the industry to think about potential partnerships, business opportunities, mergers, acquisitions or expansion of services. The exercise is an eye opener for the whole industry, for investors, for consumers and certainly for media and analysts who try and cover the industry.

Below you will find a link to the slide. We urge you to share it, pin it, tweet it and use it. It is time that the overall industry and some of the providers within it get their fair share of attention.