A quick announcement about the upcoming DX3 Digital Conference in Toronto on the 6th and 7th of March.

Last year, we were invited to speak at the conference and delivered an entertaining session on the Daily Deal space in Canada. The session actually went over by an hour. Lot’s of interest and lot’s of questions. This year, the Canadian Deals Association is proud to be Marketing/Associate Partners with the DX3 Conference.

For those not familiar with the DX3 Conference, in a nutshell, it assembles Canada’s leading retailers, merchants, technology players, media companies, advertising and agencies all with the purpose of discussing and showcasing digital capabilities.

There will be sessions from Google, Hubspot, Huffington Post, Mountain Equipment Coop, Salesforce, Comscore, Mastercard, Microsoft, Paypal amongst many others. We are looking forward to participating, taking meetings, and discussing the Canadian Deals Association in relation to the digital topic at hand. Daily Deals, Coupons, Savings Cards, Credit Card offers, and certainly mobile deals. Digital and Deals go hand in hand nowadays and we are looking forward to talking to several companies about their services and technologies and how best we can leverage what they have for the deals industry in Canada.

For those interested in attending, DX3 has extended an offer to our audience. Simply contact us and we’ll send you your promo code for a 30% off the regular rate. Many thanks to the folks at the DX3 conference. We are looking forward to being there.