Media publishers, deal publishers and other media companies are driving audience interest by publishing what is still a paper based process: Flyers!. However, now, they are digitizing them in ways that are far more relevant to online and mobile audiences.

Digital Circulars are a growing sector. The process of consumers looking at circulars/flyers needs maturing and with more and more consumers shopping online and on their mobile, having flyers available, searchable and interactive is a key development for many companies including, YPG through Red Flag Deals,  Torstar, flyerland, Flyertown, Flyercity, Saveland, and of course Transcontinental with Publisac, Dealstreet.

There are several technology companies building Flyer platforms with all the bells and whistles so other publishers can benefit from the technology. Such companies are Wishabi and Reebee. Transcontinental media also has their own tech as does Red Flag Deals from the Yellow Pages. But Wishabi and Reebee are building Flyer platforms so others don’t have to.

So why would a media company, a deals publisher or other promote flyers to its audience? Simple. The front page and back pages of flyers are typically full of deals and time limited offers from some of the top retailers in the country. Flyers are one of the staples in how these retailers communicate these promotions to consumers. However, paper flyers are becoming a waste now that consumers live on the mobile, tablet and PCs…online. As such, having publishers provide Flyer deals to their audience makes sense.

How do publishers make money at promoting flyers? Well, Flyers drive huge audience interest. More audience for these publishers means more consumers can interact with their other services, ads, buy deals, click on affiliate links, etc. Publishing Flyers is a mater of generating an audience. How publishers convert that audience into sales is what’s key.

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