Future Shop Tech Spree Daily Deal

Just wondering, is Future Shop going to come out with a more consistent Daily Deal or will they stagger their deals to be offered once a month? We have yet to contact Future Shop, so if anyone knows more details please let us know.

Our take:

Future Shop is one of those iconic Canadian brands. They certainly have the relationships, the inventory and the consumer reach to offer Daily Deals on products and services several time per week. However, offering deals at 50% or more may be tough for a company that runs on slim margins.

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Daily Deal aggregator from popular site Divine.ca

In a continuation of the popularity of Daily Deals, online portals are deciding on whether to jump in to this space.

We, at Group Buying Canada, have had numerous conversations with portals across the country who are considering offering Daily Deals to their audience. However, coming up with a Daily Deal service is not trivial. In fact, most portals don’t want the burden of starting another business. Instead they are opting to start a Daily Deal Aggregator service. Something that is far more manageable for them to do. They already have the audience and can now deliver deals to that audience in a more organized fashion. On top of that, they will earn between 5-15% commission on sales as an affiliate of the Daily Deal services they promote. Look for 2011 to be a year where dozens and dozens of online portals start a Daily Deal Aggregator service.

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When are you coming to Canada already?

Some US based online services have become so popular that we, as Canadians, certainly appreciate using them within our geography. Services such as Open table, Zagat, Yelp, Entertainment Book, etc

Given the popularity of the Daily Deal concept, media companies, internet portals and pretty much any other online service with a large audience is coming out with their own Daily Deal/Group Buying service. The following services have already launched their daily deal services.

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I hate Daily Deal Technology…no, I love it, really!

So what are your options for launching a Daily Deal service, technology wise?

Do you build your own, get a “guy” to build it for you, buy another failing daily deal site. Seeing that this business is less about technology and all about sales & marketing, we highly recommend that you do not spend an exhaustive amount of time on the technology issue. Today, there are numerous options, but really only one makes sense for most companies. The goal is to launch quickly and get your deals up and build your list of consumers. Making the wrong technology choice will, well, completely destroy your project time frame.

Let’s have a look at options, some more dubious than others.

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Starting a Daily Deal business is easy. Right?

So what’s so hard about this business anyway?

-Simply put up a website of daily deals (you can easily buy scripts or templates nowadays),

-Get some retailers on board

-Put up your deals on Facebook and Twitter

-What else? hmm, not much..should be straightforward..start posting deals online and wait for sales of 600-1500 vouchers sold per deal to just roll in. Collect money, pay the merchant and repeat. Nice & easy.

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