Black Friday is getting bigger in Canada. Last year saw a significant jump in Black Friday activity but this year interest will reach a tipping point. Malls across the country, as well as larger Bib Box retailers have announced early opening hours for their Black Friday Specials. The entire Retail industry in Canada is getting behind the Black Friday shopping season because not only does it help kick off the holiday shopping season, but it also motivates Canadian shoppers to get their holiday shopping done earlier and thus stops them from potentially buying products from US based stores later  in December.

Local retailers and merchants obviously do not have the advertising budgets or reach that big box retailers have. That’s why they count on the reach that Deal Providers have in order to engage Black Friday and Holiday shoppers. The top 6 Deal Providers in Canada, for instance, can reach over 5 million Canadian consumers…right in their inbox. That’s over 20% of the entire Canadian consumer public; and local merchants and retailers should absolutely leverage that.

Local merchants can certainly participate in Black Friday shopping Frenzy by offering great deals that attract customers to their location and promoting those deals early and often through Deal providers like Groupon, Teambuy, Wagjag, Buytopia, Living Social, Tuango, Social Shopper, Vie Urbaine, Goyub, Ethical Deal, or Coupon/Cash Back sites such as EBATES Canada, Red Flag Deals, Savealoonie, or the dozens and dozens of other Deal and Coupons providers found in the industry.

When should Deal Providers promote Black Friday Deals? Well, not on Black Friday! It should be done before, throughout that week in order to entice more consumers to shop on the deal site as opposed to going to a Big Box store, or Big Box online store.

It will be interesting to see if Black Friday sales ever catch up to Boxing Day sales in Canada. For some stores, last year’s Black Friday sales already beat their Boxing Day revenues. The next 6 weeks will produce a significant amount of marketing, sales, deals, coupons and revenues for the retail industry in Canada. It is this industry’s most exciting time of the year. We are all looking forward to it and some Deal Providers have very exciting deals coming up for the Canadian consumer.
Happy Shopping…