Here comes Microsoft…

Microsoft’s Bing is now offering a Daily Deal aggregator.

Here is the information you need to know.

* They will be offering deals for the desktop and mobile (

* Will be accessing over 200,000 deals in over 14,000 cities

* They have entered into a partnership with in order to to launch Bing deals. The Dealmap is a leading source of consumer deals, being an aggregator themselves.

*We have contacted the Bing team about plans to provide Canadian deals. For the time being, The Deal Map does provide deals from Canada. Once we get information from the Bing team we will update this post.

Here is a video of the new service

Here is information directly from Bing’s blog.





Our take in terms of a Canadian perspective:

* Overall, this will move Microsoft into a leadership position in terms of the Daily Deals industry. At least for Aggregators. They have an enormous audience, and like Yahoo with their aggregator service, it just makes sense for them to provide deals to consumers. In makes sense in terms of potential revenues, local services and audience. While Google will focus on providing their own deals, Microsoft will focus on providing other site’s deals. (wonder if they’ll show deals from Google?)

* Microsoft’s Bing deals are, in essence, a master aggregator. They are focusing on the product, the user experience, the technology and platform while counting on The Deal Map to provide the content (deals), and in turn, The Deal Map is aggregating deals from the hundreds of deal sites across North America.

* How will Microsoft make money? Most likely from a percentage of affiliate fees deal sights will pay The Deal Map. We are assuming Microsoft and The Deal Map will share these affiliate revenues.

* Canadian perspective: As of this writing (early March), we are assuming that Bing’s deal service will NOT provide deals from Canada. We assume this because The Deal Map does not provide such data. We have contacted Bing’s team and are awaiting a response pertaining to their Canadian strategy.

Your thoughts?