One of the many things that does not flow well in this industry is the availability of Canadian data. This is not the only industry in which this is the lack. The growth and size of the Daily Deal market in Canada requires continued analysis. We have tried to offer data in the past, but it has always been spotty.

We and the industry need answers to questions such as “What are the sales, who is leading, which merchants are running deals, how are deal providers competing against their peers, is the industry growing, which are the popular categories” and many other questions. Unfortunately, consistent data has been hard to come by in Canada.

Over the years we have tried to provide reliable information pertaining to the deals market, but without a provider dedicated at producing quality Canadian data, well, data was not consistent.

We have been working hard at finding the right data provider to partner with where we can, at the very least, provide information to the market on the Daily Deal space beyond what we can capture on our own.

We have finally come to an arrangement, are putting the final touches in place and announcing that we will be able to finally offer Canadian Daily Deal data to whomever wants it.

Now, there is data and then there is contextual data. BIG difference.

We can certainly provide what is called raw, cold data. The simple data metrics, columns, rows, charts. Leaving the analysis up to you. However, for deeper understanding as to why something is occurring, there is nothing more effective than having an industry expert provide their analysis of that data. The story behind the data, if you will. That analysis is what leads to far better decision making. We will be happy to provide both types of data. Raw and Analysis based.

We are very exciting to be able to offer this service and look forward to interacting with the data in order to provide further interesting content and context to this industry.

Please get a hold of us for further information on providing your team with Canadian Daily Deal Data.