Buytopia may not be as famous as other and larger Deal commerce services across the country, but they certainly are growing and proving successful. As they gain popularity, merchants, big box and local retailers are taking notice of their ability to be an effective and profitable marketing partner. The team at Buytopia has always proven to be a positive and energetic team trying to grow their presence across Canada. It has worked.

Here are a bunch of Infographics depicting Buytopia’s successes and growth thus far.


Humble Beginnings
Started by three engineers who were friends in undergrad. We spent a lot of time finding new desks and more Wi-Fi on a quest to bring you better deals.
Because Life is better at 50-90% Off
We love our subscribers and every day, we set out to delight you with new things. The process has saved our subscribers over $100 Million.


Partners in Crime
We teamed up with our favourite brands to offer deals on things we love.
Our Multicultural Family
From the Italian desserts to the Bollywood dance moves, the Buytopia family has come from all over to unite in one love for great deals in our Toronto HQ. We know how to say “that’s too expensive” to vendors in every language.
A Baby Bump
We grew our family to include other subscribers to share our love of great deals. We hope to keep finding parties to grow our family. The more, the merrier.
All good under the hood
Our developers keep the Buytopia engine humming so we can deliver the best offers to you.
Stretching the Dollars
We had big dreams and worked all weekends to grow without investors. We just believed in delivering value to our subscribers and reducing the cost of customer acquisition to our merchants.
Onwards & Upwards
We’ve had some great growth in the last two years and can’t thank our employees, subscribers and merchants.