The Canadian Deals & Coupons Association provides insight, research, marketing tools and other services to the industry, all for the purpose of promoting the concept of Deals & Coupon marketing.


Expanding Market Opportunities

The Deals & Coupons Industry in Canada is larger than most realize. It encompasses many different aspects and types of providers; all of which have their own industry nuances, business models, opportunities and objectives. There’s the local offers, daily deals industry, the traditional couponing sector, the flash sales industry, savings cards, coupon books, mobile deals, credit card offers, and so many other categories. Our goal is to create an environment that helps foster opportunities for businesses within the industry; so they can continue providing Canadian consumers with plenty of ways to save through deals, coupons, freebies, discounts and perks.




Industry Research & Insight Services

We provide insight into the Canadian Deals & Coupons industry; insight on providers involved, those generating the most revenues, those consumers use the most, etc.
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Consulting & Advisory


We provide consulting/advisory services to deal & coupon providers, entrepreneurs, startups, Investment funds, VCs, marketing companies & agencies.
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PR, Communication & Marketing Services

Providers & Companies in the industry require attention from consumers, investors, partners and from industry peers & Media. We help reach their marketing objectives.
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Mergers, Acquisitions & Partnerships

There are hundreds of Deal & Coupon providers in the Canadian market. We can provide insight as to whom might be open to M&A or partnership discussions.
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The Deals & Coupons Ecosystem in Canada

The industry is a lot larger than most realize. Both the growth in eCommerce and the importance of in store consumer visits help drive the demand for Deal & Coupon Marketing.

What’s included in the Ecosystem Document?

  • Presenting 18 categories in the Deals & Coupons sector
  • Review some of the top providers in each category
  • Includes providers offering Local & Online Deals & Coupons
  • Deal & Coupon Technology companies popular in Canada
  • What else should be added? Provide your feedback